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Scaling D2C brands is a challenge.
Scaling your design system to get there, shouldn't be.

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Launching a D2C brand?
We've made resources just for you.

Figma Template
Webflow Template
Shopify Template
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The 3 common design paths
D2C companies take

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Hiring full-time designers with interviews, lengthy contracts, and benefits that add significant overhead expenses, eating into your margins.

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Hiring Freelancers or Design Agencies that don't fully understand your brand on a project basis and start drowning in expensive fees that add up with revisions.

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Founders trying to do it all themselves
for free in Canva/Photoshop and creating bad designs, when they should instead
be focused on growing their business.

Then you end up unhappy about

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We focus on designing your brand ecosystem for your digital customer journey that converts traffic to customers.
We create a multi-touch point journey that your audiences engages with before they become your customer.

Step 1

We start with a brand deep-dive using our framework and analysis to find the design opportunities and prepare a strategic D2C brand guide, revealing the core areas of growth and design that you need to grow.

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Step 2

Unlimited on-brand quality D2C designs for all the core areas that you need. You'll have a 100% D2C strategic growth designer and project manager that are experienced with growing brands, integrated seamlessly into your team.

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Step 3

Review, with revisions, and launch these designs that are created to grow your D2C eCommerce brand, expand your reach, and convert more customers.

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for growth

A cute image to show design approach
A cute image to show design approach
A cute image to show design approach

Successful D2C brands need a fast, reliable, and scalable design solution without compromises.
One that gives everyone on their team instant access to experienced growth designer talents, ready to grow their brand.

With us you'll get instant access to designers:

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No hiring.
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No lengthy contracts.
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No training. No HR.
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You'll be working with an experienced growth designer that understands your unique brand DNA and focuses on crafting designs that resonate with your audience and converting them into customers.
It's like having your own full-time designer but just so much easier and efficient.

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We turnaround most of your design requests within 48 hours after you've submitted it. We know how important getting designs on time are. You want your designs created in days, not weeks.
For the Starter plan, turnaround time for requests is 48 hours and same-day turnaround for Growth/Scale plans with the exception of website designs, e-books, and infographics which will take longer based on priority and complexity of designs.

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You'll be assigned a dedicated project manager that will work with you and your team along with your growth designer.
You can have easy and streamlined communication via Asana & Emails (including Slack if you’re on the growth/scale plan) for real-time collaboration like they're right there with you, growing your brand.

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We are your strategic design growth partners and will support the growth of your brand with strategic designs that make an impact on your audience and conversion rate.
We will provide expert-level insights and feedback for your brand where we feel you can focus on improving the most.

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Our designs are strategic and personalized to your brand foundation. We start off with a 50-point brand deep dive to discover and understand your unique DNA and core areas that D2C brands must have in order to be successful.
After that we build a detailed D2C brand guideline which becomes the foundation upon which we will craft all your designs by prioritizing the core pillars first.

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oh my millet design
oh my millet logo
Brand Identity design with Shopify setup
We took up product identity and setting up an e-commerce platform for the delectable healthy handmade laddoos.
"The team gave us a brand identity that was better than what we had in mind. In such a short turnaround time, we got a top-notch quality site as well."
Karthik Bharadwaj
Oh My Millets
karthik arrow
karthik arrow
bele co design
bele co logo
Brand Identity design with Shopify setup
The Bele Co. approached us for a product identity as well as listing their cold-press oils and healthy snack pops on an e-commerce platform.
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"Working with Cope felt like I had someone on my team, working with me rather than an agency working for me. More than happy with how the website and packaging has turned out."
Yashas Nama
The Bele Co
yashas arrow
yashas arrow
asav retail design
asav logo
Building India's first AR enabled T-shirt with Shopify setup
Building brand identity and an online shopping site for Asav Retails
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"Our product was not something you come by every day. The team understood the intricacies and requirements and helped us position the product as well as the brand."
Sunil Kumar R
Asav Retail
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We’ve already created a Figma file for you

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🚀️   Cope Team
🚀️   Cope Team
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