Cope Pitch Deck Club

The thing is… crafting a good deck is easy.

  • Say what you're working on
  • Say why it matters
  • Say it without jargon
  • Say it without artifice
  • Don't try and hide the skeletons
  • Never bullshit

It’s simplicity.

That’s the key to communicating, marketing, advertising, selling, building, making anything.
Simplicity ensures that you keep the core of your values and your product pure.
Simplicity can let the true glory of your work shine through.


No matter what you’re doing, you can learn from this.

It’s not about embracing minimalism as an aesthetic.
It’s about questioning why you’re including certain elements, and it’s about understanding what is necessary.
It’s about only doing what is necessary. It’s about refusing to obscure your work with frills that nobody really needed in the first place.


You could make your deck 10x longer than it is.
You could add so many images you’d think you stumbled onto a sentient camera’s Grindr profile.
You could throw in a thousand quotes.
A dozen charts. A picture of David Hasselhoff.
But none of that is going to make the deck better.

💡 At its core, the best way to present an idea is black text on white space with good content.
😎 It’s focused on presenting an idea and presenting it well.
😖 If you stray from the simplicity of what you want to do and complicate it, that’s going to distract your readers. (And it might distract you, too.)


Because at the end of the day, you are not here to make something flashy.

You set out to write a deck.
That’s it.You didn’t set out to create a visual masterpiece or stimulate people who need pop-culture colour in everything.
You didn’t set out to be Pablo f**king Picasso.Simplicity is the key.


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